Tax Services

Any accountant can prepare your taxes but a good tax advisor will hunt for ways to reduce your tax obligations so you pay less. When Bulletproof Tax & Accounting Firm is your advisor, we go beyond compliance and develop a comprehensive strategy to save you money on taxes. From tax planning and preparation to income tax returns, our tax reduction techniques are reliable, economical, and make tax season less stressful.

Discover how the right tax advisor can make all the difference in how much money stays in your pocket! Call us now at 916-226-5334 to learn more about our tax services for small businesses and individuals in the Sacramento, CA area and nationwide. You can also request your consultation appointment through our website

Income Tax Preparation

Minimize personal income taxes and maximize your wealth, when we prepare your state and federal tax returns to your advantage utilizing all current tax code regulations.

Business Tax Preparation

We will help you capitalize on every tax deduction and credit possible to limit your tax burden and make sure you never pay more than your business legally owes.

Tax Planning Services

Our accounting firm has a talent for tax planning and will design a proactive plan that works year-round to minimize your taxes.

IRS Tax Problem Resolution

Ignoring tax problems will only make them worse. Contact us right away to file delinquent tax returns, end wage garnishment, release tax liens and more.

State and Local Taxes

Our experience with state and local taxes will decrease the effective tax rate for you and your business. We also provide "Sales and Use" tax services, tax incentive analysis, and Nexus filings.